iPhone 6 | 6 Plus Screen Repair


San Diego Mac Repair will fix your broken iPhone 6 and 6 Plus same in 20-30 minutes while you wait. San Diego Mac Repair uses original parts on all repairs. See why we have been trust to repair your iPhone since 2009. Below is a list of repairs that we offer on your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Fix your cracked screen quickly with San Diego Mac Repair.

Common repairs: cracked glass, digitizer repair, water damage, liquid damage, battery replacement, camera repair, front camera, ear speaker, iPhone 6 touch screen repair, enclosure repair, bent iPhone 6 plus repair, loud speaker repair, ear speaker, charging port, charger flex, lightning connector repair.

Broken Glass, Digitizer, LCD, Home Button, Liquid Damage, Power Button, Speaker, Ear Speaker, Volume Button Repair, Mute Switch Repair, and Cracked Screen Repair. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus screen repair done in minutes.