11.3 Bricking Aftermarket Parts - No Touch Screen - Another Reason To Choose Repair Shops Wisely

11.3 Bricking Aftermarket Parts - No Touch Screen - Another Reason To Choose Repair Shops Wisely

iOS 11.3 Released and Bricking Fake iPhone Screens

iOS 11.3 may need feel or seem different but it is. 11.3 is bricking people that have fake aftermarket screens installed on their iPhone. Its unknown how many people have fake iPhone screens installed on their device but the numbers may be very high. If you have one of these screens installed its advised to see us for original quality display as soon as possible. All of your data should be there after repair. Users will have no touch screen access after using a fake iPhone screen on iOS 11.3 with some reports. 

How did this happen? Some people may say they want you to go into the Apple Store for service or just a random bug that is affecting the community. How it happened isn't clear but it's not worth the risk of having a fake iPhone screen installed on your iPhone. Imagine your on vacation, your iPhone updates, and now you can't take photos because a repair shop decided to install a fake screen on your iPhone. San Diego Mac Repair will never install a fake iPhone screen on your iPhone.

What do I do next? San Diego Mac Repair is taking $10 off any repair of $100 or more and will install an original quality display in minutes. We are located at 7734 Herschel Avenue #J La Jolla, CA 92037 and now offer a mobile service. Call for details. If you can't access your iPhone DO NOT RESTORE your iPhone.

Should I trust any repair shop to fix my iPhone screen? The answer is no. Most repair shops only offer aftermarket because the parts are cheap and they want the customer to break it again. If you see something that is too good to be true it probably is. San Diego Mac Repair never uses fake iPhone screens. See if the repair shop has an Apple Certified Tech or has previous Apple experience and if they really do use original quality parts. Check out this page to find out if it's a fake iPhone screen.

Downgrade your iPhone. There may be a chance you can downgrade it but you will lose your data. Follow this tutorial to downgrade your iPhone if you can't make it in to a repair shop and you have high speed internet. Redmond Pie

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How to spot a spot a fake iPhone screen vs original quality

How to spot a spot a fake iPhone screen vs original quality

How to spot a spot a fake iPhone screen vs original quality

What is a fake iPhone screen and original quality?

Believe it or not, more than 70% of the iPhone screens being used by iPhone repair shops around the globe are using copy glass and aftermarket LCD to repair your expensive iPhone. This number can increase based on supply and demand in certain markets from what we have seen. What is a fake iPhone screen? If you look at the picture above, you can obviously see the difference in color from each display. Our display on the right is an original quality panel, look at your iPhone and see how the black is one unit. The fake iPhone screen on the left has an obvious "window" inside and is more apparent at an angle. The fake iPhone screen usually breaks much easier than original quality screens due to the cheap materials used in these screens. 

Why do some repair shops use fake iPhone screens?

Cost. Many repair shop owners are using the fake iPhone screen and pass them off as original quality. The trained eye can spot it a mile away but the average user may not notice much of a difference and not likely to return to complain for fear of embarrassment. These fake iPhone screen can cost as little $9 and being sold as a repair for as much as $150. Unless the technician and owner of the business is completely clueless, they are fully aware of the copy vs original quality panels that are available from suppliers. Original quality displays sometimes cost twice as much as the copy. San Diego Mac Repair promises you only original quality screens for every iPhone screen repair we do. It is important to us that your iPhone is working as Apple intended.

Why not use a fake iPhone screen? Aren't they the same?

Compare the white screen of each iPhone screen below

The difference is mind blowing. See how purple/blue/pink the top image looks? This is what you can expect from a fake iPhone screen. Many of the ones sold on Amazon or eBay look exactly like this. It all comes down to cost for many shops and sellers. Also the aftermarket screen looks like an old tv from the 90's. If you look really closely on an aftermarket screen it is not retina. You can see pixels and it looks awful. Original displays will always be retina and bright white like the one in the image below. This is the exact same iPhone 6 before and after repair. 

Below is an image of an iPhone 6 that was "repaired" by an iPhone repair shop nearby about 6 months. Another huge concern for aftermarket screens are the use of hot glues to bond the frame to the glass. This is a big concern because the heat of the battery and wear and tear can cause the glue to melt. Hot glue has a melting point and then your display pops out just like the image. San Diego Mac Repair uses original quality displays with cold glue that is pressed in a special machine for extra durability and strength. 


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How to Upgrade Your Mac to Mac OS Sierra Step By Step

If you are running Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Lion, chances are you can't sync your iPhone 6s or any devices running iOS 9. Other sites such as YouTube also may not function properly. Before getting starting, make sure your system can run on Mac OS Sierra here

San Diego Mac Repair recommends you have at least 4GB of RAM in your Mac. San Diego Mac repair can upgrade your RAM for you, or if you're tech savvy this can be done by ordering memory from crucial.com or Amazon.com and replacing it yourself. To find out how much memory your Mac has, turn on your Mac and select the Apple logo at the top left and select About this Mac. Your Mac will have Memory and the size in GB.

Backup your Mac! It is imperative to backup your Mac before upgrading to the latest operating system. When the software is being installed, it is overwriting the system files and issues can arise in this process. It is performing a technical surgery. See our Time Machine Backup page to follow step by step how to backup your Mac here.

Now that your backed up, your ready to update your Mac OS Sierra. This process will generally take 1-3 hours depending on age of machine and speed of Internet.

  1. Close all windows
  2. Open App Store (Blue App with "A" inside)
  3. Select Updates at the top middle of the page.
  4. Select free upgrade inside the Mac OS Sierra Banner.
  5. Your Mac will begin to download the Installer
  6. The installer should open automatically or you can open it manually in Finder/Applications
  7. Follow the steps to install Mac OS Sierra and return when it's complete (Your Mac may restart multiple times)
  8. Once Mac OS Sierra is installed, follow the Windows carefully. Sign into iCloud and setup your user.
  9. Enjoy the latest operating system! If your Mac is running a little slower, see our Mac Troubleshooting page here. Call us below if you have any questions. San Diego Mac Repair is based in La Jolla, CA.