New price list for repairs at San Diego Mac Repair

New price list for repairs at San Diego Mac Repair

Current Prices

Screen repair

iPhone 5/5c/5s/SE - $69+tax
iPhone 6 / 6 Plus - $79+tax
iPhone 6s - $89+tax
iPhone 6s Plus - $99+tax
iPhone 7 - $99+tax
iPhone 7 Plus - $109+tax
iPhone 8 - $109+tax
iPhone 8 Plus - $119+tax
iPhone X (iPhone 10) - $199+tax

Aftermarket screen repair
iPhone 7-8 Plus - $70
iPhone battery replacement - $49
iPhone small parts (camera, flex, etc) - $69

MacBook screen repair
Parts + $150 labor

SSD installation replacement
Parts + $175 labor

Small Mac parts repair (speakers, magsafe board, flex, etc) and iPad screen repair
Parts + $79

Data Recovery flat rate for SSD or HDD

iPhone logic board repair

Cases - $15
Tempered Glass - $15
1m lightning cable - $19
2m lightning cable - $29
bundle 2 and save $5

Onsite (mobile) pricing for repair or support
$90 for the first hour and $60 for every additional hour. Business clients can use our monthly service at $80 per month including one visit and up to 5 Macs. iPhone repair near me

Flat rate logic board for Macs, iMac and Mac Pro
$395 for Retina 2015 and below including iMac GPU and disable GPU 2011 MacBook Pro
$495 for 2016 and above.

All prices are subject to change. This price list is current as of February 25th, 2019.

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How to fix a Mac Stuck on Apple Logo Progress Bar

How to fix a Mac Stuck on Apple Logo Progress Bar

Is your Mac stuck on the Apple Logo with the Progress Bar?

You may have just done an update or turned it on and are presented with the Apple logo with progress bar and can't do anything. Don't stress this can be something you can fix on your own. Continue reading and follow the steps I outline.

DIY Steps

1. Let it sit for awhile - Apple has been releasing many updates and patches with Mac OS High Sierra over the last few months. Sometimes it will update in the middle of the night or in the morning when the computer is asleep. I recommend giving it at least a few hours to see if it goes through.

2. Turn it off and on while holding Shift key. By holding the key when powering on you are getting into the safe boot option. Safe boot option attempts to repair any file system errors in the operating system. You may have a bad file system which will require an erase and reinstall. If you are able to get into safe boot make sure to do a time machine backup. Follow this guide to do it.

3. Turn it off and on while holding Option key. The option key will give you a cursor and options that look like hard drives on the screen. Option boot into Macintosh HD if you are able to if you are stuck on a screen that says Macintosh could not find the packages. See the photo below. 


when you option boot into the Macintosh HD go to apple logo > system preferences > startup disk > click the lock to unlock the disk and select the Macintosh HD and do a system restart.

4. Go to the recovery partition. Restart the computer and hold the Command + R key until you reach the recovery partition. This partition will allow you to reinstall the operating system if you are having issues. There are tools like disk utility to attempt to fix system errors. This is good if you are tech savvy. 

Bring in your Mac to San Diego Mac Repair for service

San Diego Mac Repair can save your files on occasion and do diagnostics of the hardware. Many times the Apple logo with progress bar can mean you have a hardware failure such as the hard drive, hard drive cable or logic board. We run full diagnostics on your Apple Mac computer in our shop in La Jolla. We also offer a mobile Mac repair service that can come to your home or business.

Data recovery, backup files, and reinstall to fix your Mac. San Diego Mac Repair does offer data recovery and has had success backing up files from failing hard drive. If Apple diagnoses your Mac with a failing hard drive we may be able to help. If we can't recover data we don't charge. Bring in your Mac to an Apple Certified repair shop with over 9 years of apple repair experience.

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How to choose an iPhone repair shop

How to choose an iPhone repair shop

Choosing an iPhone repair shop

There are tons of options to repair your iPhone screen these days. From Google search you will be pages and pages of businesses that promise to fix your iPhone screen for a very low price or they come to you. In this post I will explain and breakdown how to choose an iPhone repair shop and the insider knowledge I have of this business that I have been in for over 9 years.

Check how long the business has been around. Chances are if the iPhone repair shop has been in business for over 3-4 years they have been through several suppliers of parts and are hopefully using good quality parts. In the beginning many repair shops will use whatever screens are cheap and justify their lower prices. I started getting contacted by suppliers that offered original quality parts shortly after opening and have used them ever since.

Check for any certifications or credentials. Does the technician hold any certifications or any professional training. I was certified through Apple when I was a Genius in Cupertino. It seems many shop owners are training people on the fly to fix iPhone screens or learning on customers devices as they go. If you see or hear of any practices like this I would walk away from that shop. San Diego Mac Repair has been Apple Certified for a number of years and prior to that has been repairing iPhones iPads and Macs.

If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. You will no doubt see screen repairs for $50 for iPhone 6 and so on on Google Amazon and other platforms. You get what you pay for. These are the fake copy parts on the market that can damage the backlight IC chip of your iPhone, have touch delay, and crack easier. San Diego Mac Repair only uses original quality parts in every repair. For a more detailed explanation see our page on how to spot a fake iPhone screen.

Integrity from the business owner. This type of industry usually runs best when the owner or manager is around the business a lot. If something does go wrong who has the final word of what the next steps are. San Diego Mac Repair has a policy if we damage a device we will replace the unit no questions ask. We have heard stories about customers taking their device to kiosks at the mall to get their device worked on to only get it back in non operational condition. Some owners well sorry take it to Apple. San Diego Mac Repairs owners are the technicians and family run. You will find Yanira and Victor at the store daily or out in the Sprinter doing repairs.

Quality parts. Tying back into earlier about it being too good to be true. Our iPhone screen partners are the manufacturers of these parts and we aren't going through multiple mediators to get the parts. You are getting original quality parts for the lowest price possible. Years of relationships have produced the original quality parts you deserve in your iPhone screen repair. San Diego Mac Repair will not offer aftermarket parts in any repair.

Check references or speak directly to the manager or business owner. If your uncertain about getting your iPhone screen repaired for fear of aftermarket parts being used, speak to the manager or owner of the shop and tell them to be honest about the parts they use. If their Yelp reviews are good and they are responsive, chances are they will speak to you about your concerns and help you make an informed decision. San Diego Mac Repair is never pushy with our clients. We let our customers decide if we are the right fit for them. If you are a company that has multiple iPhones iPads or Macs and need services, it is a good idea to get a reference to make sure the company can deliver as promised.

Bring your iPhone to San Diego Mac Repair or We Come To You! If you are in the San Diego area and need an iPhone screen repair, LCD Repair, water damage repair, battery replacement or any iPad or Mac repair give us a call at (858) 375-9757. Our repair shop is located at 7734 Herschel Avenue #J La Jolla, CA 92037.

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How to spot a spot a fake iPhone screen vs original quality

How to spot a spot a fake iPhone screen vs original quality

How to spot a spot a fake iPhone screen vs original quality

What is a fake iPhone screen and original quality?

Believe it or not, more than 70% of the iPhone screens being used by iPhone repair shops around the globe are using copy glass and aftermarket LCD to repair your expensive iPhone. This number can increase based on supply and demand in certain markets from what we have seen. What is a fake iPhone screen? If you look at the picture above, you can obviously see the difference in color from each display. Our display on the right is an original quality panel, look at your iPhone and see how the black is one unit. The fake iPhone screen on the left has an obvious "window" inside and is more apparent at an angle. The fake iPhone screen usually breaks much easier than original quality screens due to the cheap materials used in these screens. 

Why do some repair shops use fake iPhone screens?

Cost. Many repair shop owners are using the fake iPhone screen and pass them off as original quality. The trained eye can spot it a mile away but the average user may not notice much of a difference and not likely to return to complain for fear of embarrassment. These fake iPhone screen can cost as little $9 and being sold as a repair for as much as $150. Unless the technician and owner of the business is completely clueless, they are fully aware of the copy vs original quality panels that are available from suppliers. Original quality displays sometimes cost twice as much as the copy. San Diego Mac Repair promises you only original quality screens for every iPhone screen repair we do. It is important to us that your iPhone is working as Apple intended.

Why not use a fake iPhone screen? Aren't they the same?

Compare the white screen of each iPhone screen below

The difference is mind blowing. See how purple/blue/pink the top image looks? This is what you can expect from a fake iPhone screen. Many of the ones sold on Amazon or eBay look exactly like this. It all comes down to cost for many shops and sellers. Also the aftermarket screen looks like an old tv from the 90's. If you look really closely on an aftermarket screen it is not retina. You can see pixels and it looks awful. Original displays will always be retina and bright white like the one in the image below. This is the exact same iPhone 6 before and after repair. 

Below is an image of an iPhone 6 that was "repaired" by an iPhone repair shop nearby about 6 months. Another huge concern for aftermarket screens are the use of hot glues to bond the frame to the glass. This is a big concern because the heat of the battery and wear and tear can cause the glue to melt. Hot glue has a melting point and then your display pops out just like the image. San Diego Mac Repair uses original quality displays with cold glue that is pressed in a special machine for extra durability and strength. 


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