Bloom & Knots Now Open

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Bloom & Knots Flowers & Plants Now Open

San Diego Mac Repair is proud to announce the opening of Bloom & Knots - Flowers & Plants that is located at 7734 Herschel Ave Suite J La Jolla, CA 92037. We are still setting up but follow us on Instagram at Bloom & Knots

Yanira can do events in addition to quick bouquets and arrangements. Coming soon an online site to order plants at

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New price list for repairs at San Diego Mac Repair

New price list for repairs at San Diego Mac Repair

Current Prices

Screen repair

iPhone 5/5c/5s/SE - $69+tax
iPhone 6 / 6 Plus - $79+tax
iPhone 6s - $89+tax
iPhone 6s Plus - $99+tax
iPhone 7 - $99+tax
iPhone 7 Plus - $109+tax
iPhone 8 - $109+tax
iPhone 8 Plus - $119+tax
iPhone X (iPhone 10) - $199+tax

Aftermarket screen repair
iPhone 7-8 Plus - $70
iPhone battery replacement - $49
iPhone small parts (camera, flex, etc) - $69

MacBook screen repair
Parts + $150 labor

SSD installation replacement
Parts + $175 labor

Small Mac parts repair (speakers, magsafe board, flex, etc) and iPad screen repair
Parts + $79

Data Recovery flat rate for SSD or HDD

iPhone logic board repair

Cases - $15
Tempered Glass - $15
1m lightning cable - $19
2m lightning cable - $29
bundle 2 and save $5

Onsite (mobile) pricing for repair or support
$90 for the first hour and $60 for every additional hour. Business clients can use our monthly service at $80 per month including one visit and up to 5 Macs. iPhone repair near me

Flat rate logic board for Macs, iMac and Mac Pro
$395 for Retina 2015 and below including iMac GPU and disable GPU 2011 MacBook Pro
$495 for 2016 and above.

All prices are subject to change. This price list is current as of February 25th, 2019.

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How to save money on Mac repairs

How to save money on Mac repairs

This post is aimed for you to save money on your Mac repair. This is from the perspective of the Mac repair shop based on our experiences and what we see daily. We hope we can help you make an informed decision and have a great repair experience. If you like repair please visit this site to support Right to Repair legislation.

Use Genuine (Pre-Owned Parts) when possible. San Diego Mac Repairs offers our clients pre-owned genuine used parts to repair their computer. You can generally save between 30-50 percent of the cost versus a new unused part. A used genuine part is better than an aftermarket new part. 

Backup your data. You can save hundreds of dollars by simply backing up your data through time machine. Average data transfer and recovery costs between $100-500 and sometimes more if it needs to go a clean room. Drive savers is a recommended company for a data recovery option. Backing up data can be a chore but can save you in the long run. Visit Apples page on how to backup your Mac through time machine.

Choose an Apple Certified technician. Whoever you choose to repair your Mac, make sure they are Apple Certified. Apple Certified techs will give you a proper diagnosis and has experience repairing every Mac. You wouldn't take your Mercedes car for service to a BMW specialist. Apple Certified techs are knowledgable about REP (repair extension programs) or recalls from Apple that are common. You may end up spending more money on something another tech didn't check or wasn't knowledgeable of. We have seen customers replace every component in a Mac only to find out it was a $60 cable for the hard drive. 

Ask for specials or promotions. Some repair shops will offer some type of promotion or discount through Yelp or their website. San Diego Mac Repair offers $10 off for any student or member of the military. Its okay to ask for a discount but don't be too pushy or excessive. 

Keep your Mac away from liquids and transport it in a case. A lot of damages occur to Macs when transporting the Mac from one location to another. We recommend transporting the Mac in a sleeve and not a hard plastic case you can find on Amazon. Cases such as these can actually damage the hinges on your Mac and make the screen flap open or closed. The Mac wasn't designed for any cases or weight on the display. Keep your Mac away from liquids or food.

Repair the logic board instead of replacing it. Repairing the logic board can save you hundreds of dollars versus purchasing a new logic board for the Mac. San Diego Mac Repair offers flat rate logic board repair costs for liquid damage Macs. We recommend this option because the average cost for a replacement logic board varies from $600-1200. Make sure to investigate this while looking at Mac repair options. Visit our logic board repair page for more details.

Visit San Diego Mac Repair for an honest repair. Think of San Diego Mac Repair as your local honest Mac mechanic. We are a family run business repairing iPhones iPads and Macs here in San Diego since 2009. You will find myself or wife at our La Jolla location or in our new Sprinter. We started this business with a passion for helping people. We hope you don't need our service but if you do we will be here for you. Keep visiting our blog for new posts about Apple devices and support.

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View our Recommendation on Amazon and get quality fast delivery

View our Recommendation on Amazon and get quality fast delivery

San Diego Mac Repair recommendations on

Visit our recommendations page on for the latest recommendations we give our clients and future clients. You will get fast delivery, good support and guaranteed replacement or refund through Give us a call if you have any questions. Visit this page for more information. San Diego Mac Repair for more information.

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