11.3 Bricking Aftermarket Parts - No Touch Screen - Another Reason To Choose Repair Shops Wisely

11.3 Bricking Aftermarket Parts - No Touch Screen - Another Reason To Choose Repair Shops Wisely

iOS 11.3 Released and Bricking Fake iPhone Screens

iOS 11.3 may need feel or seem different but it is. 11.3 is bricking people that have fake aftermarket screens installed on their iPhone. Its unknown how many people have fake iPhone screens installed on their device but the numbers may be very high. If you have one of these screens installed its advised to see us for original quality display as soon as possible. All of your data should be there after repair. Users will have no touch screen access after using a fake iPhone screen on iOS 11.3 with some reports. 

How did this happen? Some people may say they want you to go into the Apple Store for service or just a random bug that is affecting the community. How it happened isn't clear but it's not worth the risk of having a fake iPhone screen installed on your iPhone. Imagine your on vacation, your iPhone updates, and now you can't take photos because a repair shop decided to install a fake screen on your iPhone. San Diego Mac Repair will never install a fake iPhone screen on your iPhone.

What do I do next? San Diego Mac Repair is taking $10 off any repair of $100 or more and will install an original quality display in minutes. We are located at 7734 Herschel Avenue #J La Jolla, CA 92037 and now offer a mobile service. Call for details. If you can't access your iPhone DO NOT RESTORE your iPhone.

Should I trust any repair shop to fix my iPhone screen? The answer is no. Most repair shops only offer aftermarket because the parts are cheap and they want the customer to break it again. If you see something that is too good to be true it probably is. San Diego Mac Repair never uses fake iPhone screens. See if the repair shop has an Apple Certified Tech or has previous Apple experience and if they really do use original quality parts. Check out this page to find out if it's a fake iPhone screen.

Downgrade your iPhone. There may be a chance you can downgrade it but you will lose your data. Follow this tutorial to downgrade your iPhone if you can't make it in to a repair shop and you have high speed internet. Redmond Pie

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