Find out if your iPhone iPad or Mac has a recall

Find out if your iPhone iPad or Mac has a recall

Find out if your iPhone iPad or Mac has a recall

How do I check my device for a recall?

Apple offers a great page for customers to find out if their device is covered under a repair extension program. This page is intended for certain regions of the world and gives customers step by step and important information to keep in mind. If you are unsure of which device you have on an iOS device go to Settings / General / About and notate the Model Number. Do a google search of the model number and it will give you the exact model you have. If you have a Mac select the Apple logo at the top left and choose About This Mac.

What if I don't see my device listed?

Your device may still be covered if you head to the Genius Bar and ask the technician if there is any open programs or other known issues. Technicians of the Genius Bar are knowledgeable of open programs for issues that come up. The iPhone 6 Plus touch disease that has plagued the iPhone 6 Plus isn't technically listed as a recall but has many reported issues.

My device is listed now what?

Schedule a Genius Bar appointment with Apple to resolve your issue. Apple will run diagnostics of your device and give you options during your visit. San Diego Mac Repair recommends its customers to back up their data before all visits to the Genius Bar because it may require a new device and loss of data does happen. Check out this page on how to Backup your iOS device to iCloud or iTunes

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