Apple iPhone 6s Battery Repair Program

Select iPhone 6s Eligible For Battery Repair

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iPhone 6s program has launched for iPhone 6s phones that suffer from unexpected shutdown issues. Apple has determined it is a small number of devices that quality for this program so it is advised to call Apple Technical suppport, Apple Retail Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider. Apple is also advising all customers to back up their device in case the battery replacement doesn't resolve the issue. You can backup your device to the iCloud or iTunes program on Your Mac/PC.

This is the second repair program for Apple in a week and customers are unsure of the next steps. Apple will cover the replacement of the battery for 3 years from the first retail sale of the device. Customers have claimed they wish the company would be more upfront about its issues with their devices and will still stay with the iPhone in the future. Also keep in mind this repair program is not a safety issue and you should feel safe with your iPhone 6s.