Now Offering iPhone Logic Board Repair in La Jolla

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iPhone Logic Board Repair Starting at $160

San Diego Mac Repair now offers iPhone logic board repair for all iPhone 6 and above. If your iPhone doesn’t charge, searches for signal, has water damage, boot loops or your not sure, bring it in for a free estimate. Logic board repair for iPhones start at $160 and are guaranteed for 90 days for your peace of mind. San Diego Mac Repair has been servicing iPhones iPads Macs and PCs for over 10 years in San Diego county and La Jolla. San Diego Mac Repair can also service any business needs for your Apple devices. See common repairs below.

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How long does Logic Board repair take?

Most iPhone logic board repairs can be done in as little as 48 hours. We do require the complete iPhone in order for us to attempt repair. We have a no fix no fee policy. You have nothing to lose. In rare occasion we need to order rare parts it may delay repair a few days.

Should I fix my iPhone or buy a new one?

Apple no doubt has the best phone in the industry and continues to make great cell phones. However, iPhone replacement cost has hurt sales and the company and industry as a whole. No longer can you get an iPhone for less than $750 for an entry iPhone. In our opinion nothing has changed much over the years and its best to repair your iPhone whether its a battery replacement or cracked screen to keep your iPhone running for a lot longer period of time. Repair not replace!

Can you recover my photos?

We specialize with data recovery for iPhones. In fact several agencies and companies use San Diego Mac Repair to recover data that wasn’t backed up. Even if your iPhone has been in water we can extract precious memories or notes or text messages that were not backed up. We have a no fix no fee policy.