How to fix question mark folder on a Mac

this image is about how to fix a question mark folder flashing on a mac. useful for mac pro iMac macbook macbook air macbook pro repair.

What is a question mark folder on my Mac?

The question mark folder on a Mac is your machine telling you it can not find the hard drive or operating system. This is very common on the MacBook Pro mid 2012 because the cable that connects the hard drive to the logic board tends to fail after a few years. The flashing question mark folder can also mean that your hard drive has failed. It can also mean the operating system is so badly corrupted you can not boot from it.

What do I do now?

You will first want to turn off your computer and turn it back on while holding the OPTION key on your keyboard. Wait until you see the cursor appear. If you see 2 hard drive icons and one says recovery select this option. If you see nothing this can indicate a hard drive failure. Newer Macs have the ability to boot into internet recovery. This internet recovery option gives you more options to recover your system.

Internet recovery and recovery partition

Once you get into recovery, choose utilities at the top and then select Disk Utility. Disk Utility is one of the most useful programs in Mac OS. If you see a hard drive in the left side it indicated your drive is there but still may be failing. If you try to repair the disk and still is unsuccessful you may need a hard drive replacement or need to erase the computer and reinstall the operating system. If you have a time machine backup you can select erase and then quit out of Disk Utility to reinstall the operating system. If you do not see a hard drive in the left menu, this usually means physical failure. Bring it in to San Diego Mac Repair in La Jolla or Del Mar for a hard drive diagnostic of your Mac

this is the screen you should see in recovery partition or internet recovery on a mac, mac pro, macbook, macbook pro, macbook air.

I have a failed hard drive and want to upgrade to an SSD

San Diego Mac Repair specializes in the upgrade of SSD (solid state drive) drives in San Diego. We offer same day installations and data migration for your existing hard drive. We can install a new hard drive. If your hard drive is failing, there is still a chance to recover data. Check it in to San Diego Mac Repair in La Jolla. La Jolla location is available by appointment only.

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