Aftermarket vs Original iPhone Screen Repair


Aftermarket vs Original iPhone screen repair

Most customers are unaware that iPhone screens have been copied in China for pennies on the dollar and have flooded the market with low quality cheap parts. From amazon to eBay, many of the iPhone screen kits are titled as "compatible" and are inferior quality. Below are the key differences. 

  • White images will look blue or pink. 
  • Fingerprint magnets. No oleophoebic coating.  
  • Very easy to break glass. Most times one drop and it shatters.
  • Frame separates from the glass because the adhesive is bonded with heat which comes apart over time.  
  • Screen doesn't have high resolution and touch may not register properly. 

How do I know if I'm getting a legit iPhone screen

    Look at prices. Most of the time if the prices are extremely low and/or much lower than competing businesses. Most shops such as mall kiosks and large retailers will use the cheapest parts due to the large overhead and they want consumers to break their iPhone over and over again. You can ask the person installing the iPhone screen to show you the difference before you get a repair. If they don't want to or give you excuses this could be a sign the screen is aftermarket. 

What to expect from San Diego Mac Repair

    San Diego Mac Repair only uses original quality parts in every repair. We will not install or use aftermarket in any repair. Repairs are done by an Apple Certified Mac Technician at our La Jolla location. Upon request we can show you the difference between aftermarket and original screens and you will be shocked. Our company has been repairing iPhones since the 3G was released in 2008. You can trust the repair will be great and the customer service will be unmatched. Repair your iPhone in 15 minutes.