About San Diego Mac Repair

iPhone iPad and Mac repair in La Jolla, CA.

My name is Victor Carrillo. Electronics have fascinated me since a very early age. My very first computer was given to me by an aunt in 1998 and I was hooked to say the least. I learned how to use the keyboard how to print and most importantly how to get online. Do you remember the old dialup system that would block your phone from working? I would heard my mother asking me from across the house why the telephone didn't work. In 2002, computers were not designed to be used for intense graphics and fast connection to the web. I realized computers can be upgraded by purchasing more RAM from the local computer store and optimized inside of Windows 98 and eventually Windows XP. I would soon have the urge to build a PC from the ground up. From the motherboard to the Windows installation. I did this first in 2003. This experience set the foundation for my experience in technology and the hardware side of computing. 

From 2003 to 2008 I would build several systems and help family and friends with their machines. In 2008 my life changed when I received my first iPhone. I was in love with the simplicity of the Apple ecosystem and also purchased my first Mac. My Macbook and iPhone blew me away. I loved what Steve Jobs created and had to have more. One accident in college changed my life forever. I dropped my iPhone 3G and damaged my LCD. Apple wasn't able to repair iPhones and the only option I had was to go through craigslist to find someone to fix my iPhone. Fortunately I came across a student from UCSD that fixed my iPhone in about 20 minutes. I thought to myself I can't be the only one needing a repair. There has to be hundred if not thousands of people needing a repair just like me.

With just a few screens and small parts for iPhones my business started. I started posting ads on craigslist and eventually word of mouth gave me steady work. One weekend in 2009 my family invited me to go to Kobey's Swap Meet to check out some goodies. We arrived and the idea struck me. If we can get a space at Kobey's Swap Meet, I can get in front of thousands of people that need repairs just as I had needed it previously. I met my wife Yanira Chavez previous to this visit while repairing her friends iPhone in Chula Vista. Yanira was helping friend move while I was there repairing her friends iPhone. Since 2008, Yanira has been by my side. She helped with the Kobey's Swap Meet, Chula Vista, and Seattle location. In 2012, my life long dream was to live and operate a business in Seattle. iRepair San Diego afforded us to expand the business to Seattle, WA. iRepair Seattle was born in November of 2012. Our knowledge and experience has been strengthened by ambiguity. I sold iRepair San Diego and iRepair Seattle to also fulfill another dream I have had since my first experience with an Apple device. I got the opportunity to work for Apple.

On January 2nd, 2015 I started as a Genius at the Apple Store in Seattle. University Village. I met great, talented, and hard working people just like me. The culture of Apple lives through each of its stores on to its corporate employees. The journey allowed me to work with amazing people in Seattle, Lynnwood, and Carlsbad. I left Apple in August of 2016 to start anew. San Diego Mac Repair is my passion and purpose. I want to leverage my years of experience and service to help as many customers as possible. You can find me here daily at La Jolla location 7734 Herschel Avenue #J La Jolla, CA 92037 or call for a mobile appointment. I look forward to helping you with your iPhone iPad Mac or PC.

Thank you for reading my story,

Victor Carrillo
Apple Certified Technician & Co-Founder